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“One of the things that I do in acting and movies is I assemble a very intricate backstory, the stuff that happens before the movie,” Hanks says. “I don’t tell anybody this. I don’t write it down. It’s not like I get together with the director or screenwriter and say ‘You know what I think this guy went through?’ You don’t do that.  But you put it together in your head so that every single moment that you are called upon to recreate, to make manifest on the set, has come from a specific place. All of these stories are sort of like back stories for roles or characters. I think because I’ve had enough experience on putting those sort of demands on whatever my artistic process is, that’s the way they sort of rolled out in the course of it.”

I’ll be playing Dishonored: Death of the Outsider , which we started today on Kotaku ’s Facebook page . (Spoilers: guys get mad when you jump on them. Maybe don’t jump on them a whole bunch.) It’s pretty cool so far, and I’m psyched to see more of it. Look for my thoughts on it early next week!

Lynette Curran , Actress: Somersault. Lynette Curran was born in 1945 in Australia. She is an actress, known for Somersault (2004), These Final Hours (2013) and The ...

How downtrodden we are in comparison with most other peoples is shown by the fact that even people who are far from being "temperance" don't seriously imagine that our licensing laws could be altered.  Whenever I suggest that pubs might be allowed to open in the afternoon, or to stay open till midnight, I always get the same answer:  "The first people to object would be the publicans.  They don't want to have to stay open twelve hours a day."  People assume, you see, that opening hours, whether long or short, must be regulated by the law, even for one-man businesses.  In France, and in various other countries, a café proprietor opens or shuts just as it suits him.  He can keep open the whole twenty-four hours if he wants to; and, on the other hand, if he feels like shutting his cafe and going away for a week, he can do that too.  In England we have had no such liberty for about a hundred years, and people are hardly able to imagine it. [21]

Anyone who has ever gone on a fast or given up something she loves for Lent can understand why. Delicious things are so much better when you wait for them. In fact, an individual’s level of self-control is perhaps the greatest predictor of happiness in life . Saving sex is an obvious indicator of an individual’s ability to control himself (or herself!). Since you can consciously develop self-control , it follows that practicing it in this arena would have positive effects, both on your sex life and your life more broadly.

Joy Division Solitary DemandsJoy Division Solitary DemandsJoy Division Solitary DemandsJoy Division Solitary Demands