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The World We Live In is the 1982 debut album from the San Francisc-based, new wave group Voice Farm , released on Optional Music. It includes "Beatnik", which AllMusic called catchy, and the album-closing Over and Over , which "masterfully blends a lyrical theme of obsession with relentless, ominous bass tones". [1] Also included is a synthesizer driven cover of The Jaynetts ' 1963 hit " Sally Go 'Round the Roses ".

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Voice Farm is a musical group and video collective based in San Francisco. Vocalist Charly Brown and sound designer Myke Reilly form the core of the group, who met in 1980. [1] Voice Farm's musical style has evolved from their influential early-1980s synth-pop 1991 they released a hit single, "Free Love". A fascination with popular culture and media continue to fuel Voice Farm's creative projects, including videos that they have on their website. Guitarist Ken Weller and back-up singer Marilynn Fowler are featured on the groups latest album, entitled Super Nova Experts (2009). [ citation needed ]

Voice Farm The World We Live InVoice Farm The World We Live InVoice Farm The World We Live InVoice Farm The World We Live In