Bullseye why dont you let me know - GIANT KERPLUNK GAME CHALLENGE Dont Let The Balls Fall.

Here’s my prepping process: Although Zinsser  Bullseye Primer instructions say not to clean with TSP, I clean all the pieces I paint with TSP Substitute.   If your project surface isn’t particularly dirty or oily, you can clean it thoroughly with warm soapy water and let dry. Lightly sand the piece with a medium grit sand paper (I use 220) to give it some “tooth”. This is just a quick sanding to rough up the surface a little bit so the primer and paint not only go onto the surface better, but stay on. There’s nothing worse than spending money and working your tail off on a project to watch your hard work peel right off your project surface.  After you’ve lightly sanded the piece, take a damp rag or tack cloth, and wipe the entire piece down to remove any dust. I sometimes do this twice and then follow with a dry rag to ensure the surface is totally clean before priming. If there is dust on the floor or working area around you, it’s a good idea to get all that cleaned up. The cleaner your working space, the better the finished results will be.

Bullseye Why Dont You Let Me KnowBullseye Why Dont You Let Me KnowBullseye Why Dont You Let Me KnowBullseye Why Dont You Let Me Know