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Any mission is subject to being affected by modifiers known as Sitreps that put random twists on conditions that can have major effects on what squad and equipment you’ll want to go in with. One populates the map entirely with beasts like Faceless, Berserkers, and Chryssalids; another removes the fog of war (for you, not the enemies); and one scatters high-explosive containers around that you can avoid or use to your advantage. On top of that, there are tons of new Dark Events, such as giving all Advent troopers Lightning Reflexes for a month, and a huge amount of new continent bonuses, including one that provides a chance for a random Advent soldier to defect and join you in a mission.

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Chosen Few Moments Of The PastChosen Few Moments Of The PastChosen Few Moments Of The PastChosen Few Moments Of The Past