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Welcome TO Mission Ranch Market we know that a chef is only as good as the freshness of his or her ingredients. So we offer the freshest and most affordable produce to make each meal memorable. Mission Ranch Market of Orange County also carries exotic fruits and vegetables that are hard to find anywhere else. Our produce picks often remind customers of the abundant open markets, bazaars and farmers’ markets from abroad. The produce department has such a wide breadth of fruits & vegetables to make any cook happy!

Still, Jenkins’ Wonder Woman points a way forward toward the possibility of better blockbusters. The movie’s opening section, which details Diana’s path from scrappy girl to fearless warrior, is clever and lively, as well as gorgeous to look at. On the island, Diana’s warrior-wear is a distressed-metallic leather bustier topping a sort of tutu-like Utilikilt. Leaping and soaring through her training, she’s like one of Degas’ bronze ballerina sculptures grown up and come to life, strong and free and at least a little pissed off. Her grand jeté is all muscle and all heart. At last, it’s her time to shine.

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Scorching Hot Sweetness: A Kiss for Sleeping Beauty

I got out of the shower that morning and tried to dry off. As I rubbed the moistening towel over my skin I quickly realized this was pointless. It was so hot, so humid I was never going to dry out. This was the hottest summer on record and today seemed like it was going to blow that record out of the water. I opened the door to the bathroom and felt a cool breeze hit me. Thank God for air conditioning! I entered the bedroom of my apartment completely nude, dick swinging from side to side—there was no need to be modest as I lived alone. I adjusted the thermostat for the air and stood in front of the vent with my arms out from my sides, legs spread, head tilted back and awaited the cool air to dry me.

I wanted nothing more than to go to the beach, but unfortunately I had to work. College all week, work all weekend, this was not the way attending college was sold to me by Hollywood movies. Where were all the drunken, naked parties? Where were all the nymphomaniac coeds with nothing on their mind but threeways with me? I guess they are at the Universities, because Community College was just people like me who go to school and then work their balls off the rest of the time.

My job was as lame as you can possibly imagine. I work at "The 365", a convenience store, named for the fact that they are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As jobs go it is pretty awful. This isn't a normal convenience store, it is a very popular, relatively inexpensive place where you can buy cheap gas, cheap cigarettes, decent sandwiches, lunchmeat from a full deli, affordable milk and it's all right there by the beach so we are always insanely busy. The good news is we are properly staffed, on any given day there are about fifteen of us working in the store.

The best perk of the job is the fact that all the college girls shop there while at the beach and our dress code policy (for the customers) is VERY relaxed. It is not at all unusual to see girls in bikinis walking around in the air conditioning which has a very exciting effect on them (if you know what I mean—ERECT NIPPLES—that's what I mean, in case you didn't know I mean, now you do.)

The other perk is that I work almost exclusively with women. I don't know why that is, it just seems to be the case. In fact, when Dana hired me (Dana is the manager, obviously!) she said they needed more guys working there. Probably not the most PC thing to say, but Dana is a straight shooter, competent and awesome. There are a couple guys who work there, Brian (Assistant Manager) and Ron (3rd Shift Manager) and Blake. Blake is just a regular employee like me, he's a good guy; he's training to be a shift manager and that suits us all fine, everyone likes Blake.

Now I have to point out that although I work almost exclusively with women they aren't necessarily what you're thinking. I'm not working with supermodels; they are just the normal, run of the mill convenience store employees. There are a few older ladies, but most are college age. Some of the college girls are fairly attractive, but mostly not so much—at least to me anyway. On the other hand they all have boyfriends or husbands so what do I know? I'm just saying that if you thought this was going to be a story about how I have sex with all the women I work with then you will be disappointed. But I like all of them a lot; they are really cool, funny and interesting women.

Just a quick side bar, you're probably wondering about me: My name is Mark, I'm 24 years old, I'm in great shape, I'm pretty good looking (and not at all modest as you may have noticed) and I'm single. Why single you ask? Because I go to school and work and I have no free time at all. I'm also single because of Brianna.

Ah Brianna, let me tell you about Brianna (begin the music of angels singing.)

When she first started working at The 365 she didn't strike me as anything special. Underneath the uniform, which consists of a bright red T-shirt, black baseball cap with "The 365" logo on it, tan or black pants/shorts, and an apron that ties around our waists it's hard to look sexy. And Brianna, or Brie, was no exception to the "it's hard to look sexy" rule of our uniform.

Then one day she stopped in to get her paycheck while hanging out with her friends. She was wearing short shorts (that showed off her amazingly seductive, gazelle-like legs), a tight (and I mean VERY tight) green T-shirt that read "Kiss me I'm Irish" (which made me want to kiss her, like really kiss her all night long right between her legs), and her long reddish-blonde hair was down in a ponytail.

'Holy Shit!' I thought. 'I had no idea she was that hot!'

Now don't get me wrong, I like her a lot—as a person, not just a body. She is very friendly, very funny; she has a smile that goes right to your heart. She is sweet and kind, innocent in a way and just a good, decent human being. All this makes me like her a lot, but seeing how hot she is changed the way I looked at her. She transformed, in my mind, from a great person I work with to a girl I desperately needed to be with. The problem, of course, was that she had a boyfriend. And from things she's told me, he doesn't sound like much of a guy.

Brie is not in college and doesn't seem to know what she wants in life. She comes from a poor family. Her dad ditched her when she was young and she fits the bill for the "daddy issues" girl pretty much to a T. Her grandmother mostly raised her. Her grandmother (from what she's told me) was another woman ditched at a young age. By the way her brother is no prize either (he must take after the father). He seems like a typical douchebag, I've never met him, but from the stories she tells me about him it's better if I don't.

I'm pretty protective of all the girls I work with (I know it's politically incorrect to be that way, but I am, so feel free to suck my dick if it bothers you) and with Brie my "protective dude thing" was in overdrive. I was torn between wanting to sweep her off her feet and riding her off into the sunset, or letting her stay with a loser boyfriend who allows her asshole brother to treat her like shit.

I mean seriously, why doesn't her boyfriend protect her?

Guys are such pussies anymore!

But then when I'm around her I only want to do the 'ride off into the sunset' scenario.

I simply can't stand the idea of her future. Her boyfriend (this one or a future one) will knock her up and she'll choose to have the kid, he'll leave her, she'll struggle and be miserable and the cycle will continue. This doesn't work for me at all. I feel like I have to save her. I know all of you armchair psychologists are shaking your head (and you're right to do so) but what can I do—the heart wants what it wants.

Anyway, back to my dick. It was finally dry from the central air, so I turned the thermostat back up, threw my uniform on and walked outside. As soon as I went outside the deadly, hot, arid, nightmare, of soupy, burning, heat slammed into my whole body like a wave straight from the Pits of Hell. My skin broke out into a clammy sweat and I hurried to my car starting it up as fast as I could and cranking the AC. I opened the windows and sat for a moment trying to will the oven-like car to expel this hateful, roasting horror and replace it with cooling splendor. I was pulling into the parking lot of The 365 before the cold air really started to kick in.

I entered the store, clocked in, tied my apron on (as much as I hated wearing an apron it did help me hide my constant erection while working with Brie) and I got to work. They were already falling behind when I arrived. The lunch crowd was beginning to flow in and the sandwich orders were already backed up by about 10.

"Where's Brianna?" I asked Dana who had come out of the office to help make sandwiches.

"She's running a little late, she couldn't get a ride. She should be here in a few minutes." Dana said.

Brie didn't have a car, she lived about two miles away, but I hated that she had to walk in this heat.

"Crap, I could have given her a ride if I knew. She should have called me, I would have picked her up on the way in." I said.

Dana smiled at me, "Always trying to pick up the pretty girls, aren't you?"

I smiled back and shrugged my shoulders. I looked up and noticed Heather James waiting by the meat counter. She was a regular. Now as much as I love Brie, I am in lust for Heather. She was a hot, older woman I'm guessing late thirties? She shopped here a lot and today she was wearing a tank top (with no bra!) and short shorts and she looked amazingly sexy. Once again, I was happy I had the apron to cover things up. She was ordering lunchmeat and being helped by Sarah so I couldn't go over and flirt with her today.

What can I say? I'm a horny guy!

I started making a sandwich for some customer, but I took time to look up at Heather.

"Hey, Mark!" she said in her sultry way.

"Hi! How are you?" I said pretending like I just noticed her.

"Working on my backyard today—gotta go! Have fun!" She said sarcastically.

'I'd like to work on your backyard' I thought to myself.

Then I felt Dana looking at me.

"Look at you. You're such a guy! Put your eyes back in your head and get back to work." She laughed.

"I just noticed what a pretty tank top she was wearing." I teased.

"No, you noticed what a pretty bra she wasn't wearing!" Sarah said.

"Like you didn't?" I said to Sarah.

"She's pretty hot, I'd do her!" Sarah said quietly enough that the customers couldn't hear.

"I'm working between two horn dogs!" Dana said laughing. "God, Sarah, you're bird-dogging chicks more than he is! I think that Super Moon tomorrow is affecting you two more than usual!"

We all laughed. Sarah is one of the more attractive girls I work with; she's 23 and a lesbian. She's sweet as all hell and another really decent person. If I had more time to spend with people I would totally like to get to know Sarah better. She has innocence about her that you don't see in a lot of girls her age, maybe it's the lesbian thing, maybe she's not comfortable with herself or something? I don't know, but she is a hard worker, cute, and the idea of her being attracted to women as much as I am; the idea that she is sexually attracted to and probably masturbates to the naked female form . . Okay, I have to stop—like I said, I was happy I had an apron on to cover up!

I got lost in the "art" of making sandwich after sandwich, so much so that I didn't even notice Brie come in. Suddenly she was just there. Her skin was shiny and her cheeks were flushed from her walk. Brie had very fair skin and she blushed easily—I guess it's that Irish thing. She walked up behind the deli tying her apron (I took a moment to notice how her smallish breasts pushed out as she tied up).

"Okay, sorry I'm late. Where are we?" she said and got right to work.

I wanted to talk to her and tell her that I would pick her up from now on, but we were so busy there was no time to talk. We worked our (figurative, except in my case) balls off for about an hour and a half until lunchtime had passed, then things finally started to die down. Dana went back into the office and Sarah walked out onto the floor to sweep up. Brie and I were left in the deli to reload the supplies.

"So why did you have to walk in this scorching hot misery?" I asked.

She looked like she didn't want to talk about it.

"If you need a ride tomorrow . .," I said.

She smiled and nodded her head, then shook it.

"I don't know what that means? Was that a yes or a no?" I asked.

Brie laughed. "I don't know, I ah . . maybe, but I don't know. Thank you, though."

"Yeah, of course." I said feeling a little rejected. I could never get a clear signal from her. It was like she liked me, but not like that. I never understood why she didn't see that I was better for her than her stupid, dickhole of a boyfriend.

"Mark? Can you get the garbage when you're done?" Dana asked from the office.

"You got it, Boss." I said.

Getting the garbage almost always fell to me. With all the food and shit we threw away the garbage got pretty heavy and apparently that's why they needed to hire more guys. So much for equality! I didn't mind at all though. To be honest, the girls all thanked me for getting their garbage from around the store and often commented on my strength as I did so. They liked to call me "muscles" (only when they needed something heavy lifted) and some of them commented on what a cute butt I had while I was bending over to lift things.

Yes, sexual harassment was alive and well in this workplace and it seemed to be entirely directed toward me. And honestly, I loved it! Even Blake would sometimes comment on what a great ass I have and that was cool by me too—I'm not uptight. By the way, I work out but I am by no means a muscle man. I'm just an average tall guy with an above average build.

Anyway, I took out the trash, compacted it, and then I went into the cooler to restock it. The drink section of the store got wiped out on an hourly basis on days that were this hot. The irony was not lost on me that on the hottest day of the year, while everyone else in this state was roasting like turkeys on Thanksgiving, I had to grab a jacket and gloves to go into the cooler and restock the shelves.

I could see through the glass doors of the cooler, the ones you open to get your refrigerated drinks (yes, there are people in there looking at you) and I saw two girls in small, tight bikinis staring into the cooler trying to decide what drinks to get. The one girl opened the door and then tried to decide what to grab. I couldn't help but look through the shelves of drinks and notice her nipples hardening from the cool air wafting down on her body. A wave of tingles shot into my balls and my dick started slowly pulsating, but then I looked past this anonymous girl's awesome knockers and saw Brie standing at the deli. It was at that point that I knew I was in love. Here I was with the perfect view of the perfect barely covered boobs without the possibility of being seen and I choose instead to look past them at Brianna. Believe it or not, that says a lot!

The girls chose their drinks and walked to the register and I was left with half a bone and a head full of Brie thoughts and actually shivering from how cold I was.

This was going to be one of those days.

A few more hours went by and it turned out to be a pretty normal shift at work. I ran the register for awhile as things slowed down (the calm before the dinner rush). I took a moment to daydream outside the front windows and noticed a thick haze outside. I watched all the people walking around out there, in their beach attire, trying to cool off with their skin drenched in sweat. I observed as the beach goers crossed the road on their way to the cooling ocean behind our store.

"Hey Mark, why don't you take your break." Dana yelled to me as Jen took over the register.

As I walked to the small break room I heard Dana tell Brie to take her break too. Brianna looked at me and I smiled at her. Then I walked into the break room and got out a sandwich I made for myself. I sat there waiting for her to enter, but she never did. At first I thought maybe she went to the bathroom, but she was gone too long for that. I decided to fake going out to my car so I could look for her without looking like I was looking for her. As soon as I stepped out of the break room Dana said, "She's outside."

"Huh? Who? I just had to go to my car for something." I told her.

"Uh huh." Dana said and smiled at me. "Well go to your car out the side door, because that's where she is!"

I walked outside and was overcome by the broiling death that filled the air. Brie was sitting against the side of the building watching the beach people.

"You could just save time and set yourself on fire, you know." I said.

She laughed, "I don't mind the heat."

"Mind if I sit uncomfortably close to you?" I said as I sat next to her.

"No," she laughed. "Have a seat."

"Why don't you take your break in the break room? It now has fresh air conditioning—for like, the last forty years! And it's easier to eat in there." I said.

"I don't have any lunch."

"You didn't eat?" I asked.

She shook her head no.

"Why not?"

She shrugged her shoulders then said, "My brother took my money that I was going to use to buy lunch today. I guess he was out of cigarettes." She said.

"Are you kidding me? I have money, I can buy you lunch, here," I said as I reached in my pocket.

"No, no, I'm okay. I usually don't eat lunch anyway. I'm fine." She said and I looked down at her. That's why she's so skinny, she never eats.

"Seriously? Can't I get you something, how about an ice cream? You need something in your gut."

"No thanks. I'm good." She said, but it was obvious she wasn't good. She was sad and I needed her to feel happy.

"I'm going to go buy two ice cream sandwiches and you're going to have to eat one because they are going to turn to liquid as soon as I come back out here." I said and she laughed again.

"I don't want one." She said with a big smile on her face telling me she absolutely wanted one. I ran back in and bought two ice cream sandwiches. When I came back outside Brie was gone. I walked around the outside of the store looking for her and she was nowhere in sight. I had to quickly eat both ice creams. Then I walked back inside.

Brie was at the deli working. She looked up at me and said, "We're five sandwiches behind can you help?"

"Sure," I said tying my apron back on. "I had to eat both ice cream sandwiches and now I'm fat!" I said and she laughed that wonderful laugh.

We worked through another bout of busy deli nonsense.

'How could I ever get close to her if we never stop being busy!' I wondered.

About thirty minutes later it slowed down again and I was asked to go refill the soda machine. As I was doing that, I saw Dana rush Brie over to the sink. It was strange the way she led her by the hand so I went over to see what was up.

When I got there Dana was holding Brie's hand under the cold water and Brie had a strange look on her face.

"What's wrong?" I asked, then I saw the blood.

"She cut her hand with the deli knife." Dana said shaking her head. "What am I going to do with you, girl?"

I looked at Brie and saw her cheeks were rosy.

"How bad is it?" I asked.

"It's not bad, I was just clumsy!" Brie said in a distant voice.

I watched as Dana washed the blood off Brie's hand and it really wasn't that deep of a cut. I was relieved about. Then Sarah ran over.

"Are you okay?' Sarah asked.

"Can you get her a cup of water?" I said, noticing how Brie's face had changed to a more pallor shade of white.

I could see she was getting woozy and I moved in closer to her.

"You not going to faint are . ." and that's as far as I got when Brie dropped. I moved forward quickly and grabbed her. She fell straight down and catching a fainting girl isn't like it is in the movies where they just fall backwards into your arms. She just dropped and I grabbed her more by hugging her than heroically snatching her up. She almost hit the floor and I had to readjust in a very blundering way to get a good hold of her before I was able to do the super-cool 'guy lifting a girl off the ground' maneuver.

Dana never let go of Brie's hand and that's probably the real reason I was able to get hold of her.

"Ooh, oh—get her to the office!" Dana said.

"She's okay, I think, she just fainted—she hasn't eaten anything all day!" I said.

As I gallantly carried her to the office she already started to come around. She looked up at me with glassy eyes.

"Are you carrying me?" she asked from a far away place.

"You're okay, just taking you for a ride." I told her.

It also says to make a liquid concentrate to take 1 tsp. Powder and mix with 3 tsp water The chart then reads 1 tsp. Powder equals 1 tsp liquid.


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Couldn’t you just jump right in? No? You don’t want sprinkles all up in your personal business? Ok, that’s cool. But they’re pretty, right?

It might be a simple recipe – use only real stuff and bake it with care – but the result is anything but simple. It’s ridiculously delicious.

Sweetness If We Will Take The TimeSweetness If We Will Take The TimeSweetness If We Will Take The TimeSweetness If We Will Take The Time